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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that has not been answered below, do feel free to get in touch with us.

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Bangor Surveyors

Property Services in Bangor, North Wales and Gwynedd.

What exactly can you help with?

We provide structural building surveys, condition reports and expert property advice in Bangor and North Wales.

Our expert surveying staff provide a wide range of services and can offer helpful advice to suit a wide range of budgets and properties. Not only is our experience of the private and public sectors unprecedented, but we also have experience in dealing with all kinds of buildings. From large commercial properties to terraced residential houses and pretty much everything in between, Right Surveyors are your reliable aids in this field of investment.

Who do I speak to during the process?

When you call Right Surveyors, you are put straight though to a local Chartered Surveyor’s office to discuss your requirements with them directly. This ability to speak to a professional directly enables you to get an initial idea about the problems that may concern you with the investment or even just brainstorm some ideas you have for the property itself.

When working with our surveyor, they will be on hand to discuss the results with you. They will talk you through what each aspect means for your purchase, the price of it and the maintenance requirements for the future.

Which service is best for me?

Most practices only offer the HomeBuyers report and the Full Building Survey. At Right Surveyors, we provide for all clients no matter their budget or time restrictions and pride ourselves in our ability to match your needs at a sensible price.

For example, if short on time or when working to a specific budget, the Major Elements Survey or Verbal Acquisition Advice may suit you best.

When investing in a potentially dated property, the House Purchase Survey Report or Full Building Survey might be the better option to provide a comprehensive view of the defects that may affect the building.

Whatever you require, feel free to discuss your situation and requirements with our Right Surveyors directly. It will help you and us, to gain a better understanding of your situation.

What are your fees?

Surveying is a service so a surveyor’s time is what they charge for.

Because of this, there is no standard fee scale. When time restraints and prices are set rigidly, some defects may not get discovered because the surveyor does not have time to inspect the entire property correctly.

Right Surveyors focus on providing cost-effective solutions alongside a fantastic quality of service. You will be charged for the time the operation takes and not a minute more.

Our surveyor will make a calculation of how long it will take to carry out the job based on the property’s characteristics. A price will be put forward, based on that time estimation and we will stick to it – even if the job takes longer than expected.