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What is a survey?

...and why do you need one for your property?

Essentially, a survey is a report undertaken by a qualified professional that provides details on the whole building or just a specific part of a property.

Investors use them to gain an overall understanding of the building so as to unearth any defects in the property which may influence their decision.

Whether you require a list of maintenance requirements for a new property or you are worried about an individual defect like damp in a potential new home. Our experts are on hand with the necessary advice that will help you in these areas.

Whatever your concerns, Right Surveyors will provide specific knowledge of Bangor and North Wales to aid your decision making in all areas.

What is a survey?
Do you need a survey?

Our Services

What we can do to help you.

Surveys and Assessments

Providing pre-purchase surveys for residential buyers is our speciality. 31% of all properties bought in North Wales are terraced houses of main residency, we like to think that we cater for the majority of investors and have developed an expertise in helping you move home.

We tell you everything you need to know about the building and talk you through how to deal with the problems that we uncover.

These are the services we offer:

To request more information, please call us or use our live chat feature at the bottom right of this page.

Additional Services

To do this, we offer the following services:

Depending on which service you chose, and the specific details of the property, the contents of each report will vary. Naturally the more comprehensive the service, the longer the report will be.

We always provide a CD or file of photos taken on site so you have all the evidence you need. For those who wish, a buildings reinstatement valuation (for your insurance cover) will be included as well as a hard copy of the report.

RICS HomeBuyers Report

This focuses on areas such as building defects, which could reduce the property’s value – it is often referred to as the HomeBuyer Survey. This unique report allows the client to make a balanced and informed decision about whether to go ahead with an investment, whether to negotiate the price further or even pull out entirely.

Whilst the HomeBuyers survey may not be quite as detailed and extensive as the House Purchase Survey Report (HPSR) or Full Building Survey, this assessment most certainly has its place in the market as a cost-effective way of analysing modern properties of a standard building type. It is succinct, to the point and has a user-friendly layout, making each section simple to understand.

The HomeBuyers Report is not suitable for properties built in or before the Victorian period and is restricted in the depth of detail it includes. Clients who are looking for a more systematic, methodical overview may want to look into the HPSR or Full Building Survey.

Single Fault Assessment

If you're after an expert’s opinion on a single defect, Richard can carry out a Single Fault Assessment for any commercial or residential property across Bangor. Not all Surveyors can carry out this service but Richard's vast local experience and knowledge of relevant building types means he can visit the property, analyse the area in question and produce a formal letter detailing his findings in a short period of time.

This letter will usually contain a briefing of the potential cause or causes of the defect, as well as how severe it is and the workable solutions that could be employed to remedy it. A thorough discussion with the client is always required ahead of carrying out this operation.

This is most suitable for property owners with a concern over an obvious defect like a crack, or purchasers that can already recognise significant issues such as damp. The Single Fault Assessment can also be helpful for building insurance quotes and claims as well as for commercial investments in properties.

Although property prices in North Wales have enjoyed a relative period of stability since 2012, such an investment is still likely to be one of the biggest of your life. Can you afford to go ahead with such a big decision with no idea of the costly defects that could be waiting for you?

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